MCQs in general Surgery

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Q1. True about multi organ dysfucntion syndrome

a) There are multiple insults which lead to hyperinflammation

b) Active infection or blood c/s should be positive for this condition

c) It occurs within 48 hours of inciting event

d) Improves with antibiotics

A1) a

In MODS, there are two events, first is the priming event and then in a susceptible individual, multiple decompensations that lead to a state of hyperinflammmation

It is important to recognise that the response to injury is graded

Active infection is not required for MODS to develop. It develops over two phases, First within 3 days of initial insult and then 6-8 days later

Blood transfusion and antibiotics have no bearing on MODS

MODS is the effect that SIRS produces systemically